1. IHD is a non-governmental and voluntary organization.
2. IHD is not a body of any States, Governments and political parties.
3. IHD upholds the principle that the human rights are universal in nature and indivisible.
4. IHD struggles against any kinds of discrimination based on language, religion, colour, gender, political thought and etc…
5. IHD is against the death penalty at regardless of geographical location and circumstances.
6. IHD is against torture regardless of the individual, the geographical location and circumstance.
7. IHD upholds right to a fair trial and right of defence for everyone, in everywhere and under any conditions.
IHD is against war and militarism in everywhere and in all time but defences right to peace.
IHD defends unconditionally and without any restriction the right to freedom of expression.
10. IHD considers freedom of thought and belief as an untouchable right and defends unconditionally and limitless.
11. IHD defends right to freedom of association.
12. IHD stands up for the oppressed individual, people, nation, sex and class.
13. IHD upholds right of nations to self determination.
14. IHD defends humanitarian law.

Human Rights Association accepts and defends personal, political, economic, social and cultural rights and solidarity rights as a whole.

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