On 16 March 1988, a massacre was experienced in Halabja. Not classical weapons but chemical and biological weapons were used in this massacre. Halabja people, most of whom were Kurds, were slaughtered. This massacre was recorded to the shame mankind history as ‘Halabja Massacre’.

The humanity recoiled from the photographs of Halabja in which they saw over 5000 the elderly, the young, women, men and helpless children who were killed with poison in the streets, however; neither the international organizations nor the world public reacted enough to the human tragedy.


Today, Saddam doesn’t live any more. However, wars and massacres still continue in different regions of world and especially in the Middle East. This shows that crimes against humanity like slaughters, wars, tortures and rapes are not peculiar to a country, to a ruler or to a period of time. The competition of armament between countries keeps its speed. A significant part of the world resources are spent on armament and wars. Unfortunately, demands for peace and efforts made to establish it, do not have any influence. Desire for a social justice and global system, which provides the possibility to live together in peace for different colours, languages and cultures, has not been satisfied yet.

As Human Rights Association (İHD), we have been always against to wars, massacres, oppression and cruelty and we will continue to be against. We do and will struggle to prevent new Halabja massacres, to prevent wars and occupations, to prevent oppression and cruelty to minorities and to discrete identities; we do and struggle for equity, peace and brotherhood.




We demand people liable for Halabja massacre and other slaughters, for murders by unknown assailants both in our country and in the world, for the disappeared, for tortures, wars and attacks, to be prosecuted and so the justice and the rule of law to be fulfilled.

We want all states and especially the USA to ratify the status of International Criminal Court (ICC) which could call people, who are responsible for such cruel violations of peoples’ right to live, to account. Those, who commit crimes against peoples, whichever country they are rulers of, must be prosecuted.


No War!

No Massacre!

No Occupation!

Do not Forget Halabja Massacre!

Having, Producing and Using Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Weapon should be prohibited!

We don’t want any more Halabja.



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