On 13th April the search conducted in offices of Contemporary Education Foundation or CEV and the Association for the Support of a Modern Life or CYDD and especially house of Ms. Türkan Saylan, who is the president of the CYDD and whose right to health was ignored in this search, and detention of academics have reminded “freedom of association” and “freedom of expression” to us once again and have led us to express that the investigation should be conducted in a manner that is compatible with the rule of law.

Ergenekon investigation could create expectations in the democratic public opinion on the condition that the investigation confirmed that crimes against people and various groups would not go unpunished, illegal organizations within the state would be deciphered and liquidated, a process of finding methods and manners that would provide Turkey face up to the past and eventually truths would be searched. However investigations up to now showed that such a process has not started yet. In Turkey problems of democratization and respect to human rights are going on under the governance of the Justice and Development Party or AKP, too.

Excluding crimes committed in the eastern part of Euphrates River from the ongoing investigation and court case, attempt to absolve the state in indictments, not deciphering the deep state and its crime organizations completely show that there is no aim to reveal truths.

Including people, who use their right of freedom of expression against the Government, into investigations, targeting associations in a manner of ignore right to association has reached a point that disturbs and disquiets the public opinion. The democratic public opinion expect that those who are responsible for concrete events such as the massacres of Maras, Sivas, Corum, 1st May Celebrations in 1977, Madimak and Gazi as well as disappeared people, unknown killings, massacres in prisons, military coups, forced evacuations of thousands villages that made millions people refugee in their country evictions shall be investigated and appeared in court.

The investigation should be conducted in a manner and method that is compatible with the rule of law. Suspected people should be determined on the basis of evidence. Getting evidences via supposed suspected should be stopped. The rules of state of law, which based on human rights, should be practised.

                  Human Rights Association (IHD)                          Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT)

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