In the conflicts that started in the morning at 05.00 on 25.09.2015 in the city center that lasted till 12.00, it was possible to hear the gun shots at times and more than 10 houses were hit by howitzer. 5 houses were burnt down till the moment they became non-utizableand 10 houses were hit by howitzer. 3 people have lost their lives and 2 people were severely wounded in the village Setkar in a house hit by a howitzer dropped by the Gendarmerie District Commandership. Ahmet Temel, his son Behçet Temel, whose house was hit by a howitzer, and their relative Alya Temel have lost their lives while Fevzi Temel and Ahmet Temel’s son Hasan Temel were severely wounded. The driver of the ambulancedemanded by Emergency 112 and the administration of the hospital, named Şeyhmus Dursun lost his life as the ambulance was raked while it was 15-20 meters away from the police spot.

We set off heading to Beytüşşebap to investigate the incidents there forming a committee after hearing that there had been armed conflicts in the district Beytüşşebap in Şırnak from social media on 25.09.2015.

Formation of the Committee and its Goal

İHD Şırnak Branch and and SES Şırnak Branch aimed to identify the harm the people were exposed to around the district and report the deaths and the cases of the wounded during the armed conflicts in Beytüşşebap. Human Rights Association (İHD) has aimed to report the difficult conditions that the civilians living in Beytüşşebap were exposed to wholesomely as it always did. In addition, the treatment that the health workers received was unjust and acting with solidarity with the Health Workers was aimed no matter of the work place and conditions and the distances. With these aims, Beytüşşebap became the destination of the committee on 26/09/2015.

NGO Members and Executives within the Committee

Chairman of İHD Şırnak Branch Emirhan UYSAL

Member of Board of Directors İHD Şırnak Branch Mucip ERDEM

Co-Chairman of SES Şırnak Branch Lezgin GÖZLEK

Member of Board of Directors SES Şırnak Branch Selahattin BARINÇ

Representative of TARIM ORKAM-SEN Metin ÖZKAN



Dead Civilians

Ahmet Temel

Behçet Temel

Alya Temel

Şeyhmus Dursun

Wounded Civilians

Fevzi Temel

Hasan Temel

Additionally, many people who were prevented from receiving a treatment despite coming to Beytüşşebap State Hospital as it can be understood from the detailed statements below.

Interviews of the Committee and Findings

  • Our committee had interviews with the employees of Beytüşşebap State Hospital, which is located on the entrance to the district.
  • The owners of the damaged houses have been interviewed and their statements have been reported.
  • Our committee have visited the damaged houses in the district and made observations.
  • No information could be received about the deaths and the casualties from police forces as interviews with the administrative units were not possible due to the atmosphere of conflicts.


Interviews Conducted with the Employees of the Hospital Who Suffered on the Date of the Incident

EMİNE SÖNMEZ (A witness, medical staff, who was with the ambulance driver Şeyhmus and a victim at the same time.)

I am Emine Sönmez and I work as a nurse at Şırnak State Hospital. I came to Beytüşşebap State Hospital with a temporary appointment for one month. On 25-09-2015 at 05:30, we woke up with the sounds of armed conflicts. At first, we were called by 112 at 06:05 and told to wait. They phoned us again and told us to go to the police building. There were sounds of conflicts yeintensely and we told them that we could not go out owing to this. After a while, the manager of Beytüşşebap State Hospital, Ms. Leyla, called and we were ordered to go there saying that it was a command by the district governor and there were wounded ones at the police station. After hearing the gunshots, we went out assuming that there might be wounded ones. We turned the siren sound of the ambulance against any kind of danger. When there we were 15 meters away to the police stop, we heard gun shots and our vehicle stopped as soon as we heard them. We could not even get out of the vehicle and we were under cross-fire and our friend named Şeyhmus Dursun, who was driving the vehicle was wounded on different parts. His blood was all over my face and my hair. With my other co-worker next to me, we escaped towards the direction we came from (opposite the police spot) by taking off our vests since they are bright. There were houses along the way we escaped on and we were not shot from that direction. We rang the bell of a house that was on the way and we entered. There we were under fire for- hours and the walls and the windows of the house that we were in were heavily hit by the bullets. When- hours passed after the driver of the ambulance was shot, the people got on the streets and I and Muhammed İsmail went to check on Şeyhmus when the gun shots ceased for a while. There was a shot again when Muhammed İsmail headed towards to the door of the vehicle to check the pulse Şeyhmus. There were bullets passing through our feet and I fled to the house where we were stuck earlier. When Muhammed İsmail also came, the people could not settle and they took our friend Şeyhmus, who was shot, to the hospital by a small van. About an hour later, the people took both of us to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was till shocked and casualties were coming to the hospital. These casualties were from the civil people there. My friends did not want me to work but I wanted to work too since only one or -two were brought. One of them who came was suffering from tissue loss. The boy was around 18-19 years old and his thumb was torn apart. We were talking about the incident in the x-ray room while my friends were treating him and then we heard the voices of special operations. Heavy swear and shouting was together. At the same time, the gun shots were heard both inside the hospital and outside the hospital. You can see the traces on the iron door, on the corridor window and on the ceiling. I got out of the x-ray room raising my hands up and said “Can I pass?” and he said “OK.” Among them, only the one with the mask and glasses would speak and he was the one managing there. Except for him, the others did not treat us that bad. The one with a mask on, pardon me, “Sons of the bitches, carcass, etc” to our doctor “Doctor, stand against me! You are going to stand here! Doctor, do you understand? Give me your id!” When our doctor gave him his medical id, he said “I do not want that one, give me the other one.” When the doctor gave him the other one, he said OK. “You are going to sit across from us.” He told the doctor off like a child. He put the gun to the doctor’s head and stood against the people that were waiting. Taking the doctor before himself (guarding himself with the doctor) he told the people there “If one bullet comes over here, we will kill all of you.” There were 8 armed persons on the corridor at the hospital. However, I do not know how many there were outside the hospital and we were too afraid to look out. I asked “Can I go to the nurses’ room?” and one of them told me “Go and wash your face.” After washing of the blood traces on my face, I entered the nurses’ room. When I opened the door, all of my co-workers were lying on the floor. I asked what was happening and why they were lying like that. My friends said “Emine, come here and lie down.” I told them “I am not going to lie down, how such a thing can happen, I am not going to leave the doctor alone.” They made my friends lie down by hitting them with the guns and swearing at them. I went out in thecorridor and I witnessed this; “Look doctor, he said they are going to remove all the cameras according to the orders of the public prosecutor. I even thought that that could collapse the hospital down. They have taken all the civilians out and even the patients that we were examining. They told the doctor, look, as you are the only doctor here, we are not taking you but if you are involved later, you will understand. And I said “Pardon me but what do you mean by being involved? You took us out by the ambulance and you raked us, what about our psychology? Does it matter at all?” He said “Am I a sucker to call an ambulance in the middle of a conflict. We did not need an ambulance. We already sent our casualties by a helicopter.” When I told him “How come, the district governor asked for an ambulance and you raked us when we came over here.” he said “Shall I tell you what being involved means? Assume that here a terrorist comes and you examine him/her. It is something like this.” I said “This is a hospital. Whoever comes here gets examined or treated.” Upon that, he said “If a carcass comes here, I cannot say a person… What a terrorist means to us is we will kill them as we see them and they are carcasses for us.

Muhammed İsmail YILDIZ (a witness, health personnel that was with the ambulance driver, Şeyhmus Dursun, at the time of his death and a victim at the same time)

I was appointed at a paramedic on July 7. We came here as 3 friends. I have not received a training from 112 yet. So I can only be in emergency response team for now. I am not even authorized to answer the phone calls. Ms. Emine has answered the phone calls. We set off at around 08:03 and there were no gunshots when we set off but some fumes were raising above the city. We went there and the vehicle slowed down on the slope. I guess Mr. Şeyhmus was about to change gears and then our vehicle stopped as soon as the gun shots started. I saw that some blood splashed upon us. Then I bent down, I vent down towards to the front of the seat. I told myself I cannot get out of this place alive and I recited the kalime shahadat. I thought that Ms. Emine was also dead. When I looked back, Mr. Şeyhmus’s neck was bent down. When I saw that Ms. Emine was alive, I told her let’s take off the 112 uniforms so that they would not kill us because of this here. Then we took off our 112 vets. There were some voices coming from the houses. We were not able to comprehend what was being told because of fear and panic but run away, run away towards the houses was uttered. Getting out of the ambulance, we ran away towards the direction which we came from. That was both a street and a slope. We took shelter in a house on that street and stayed there for 4 hours. We got out after hearing the voices of the people. Everyone was getting out but the police started shooting in the air. I went to check Mr. Şeyhmus’s pulse to see if he was alive. I checked it but there was no pulse and I guess he had already passed away. I went back to the house where we took shelter in later as the special operation police intensified the gun shots. Then Mr. Şeyhmus was taken to the hospital by a small van. Later, our friend came and took us to the hospital. I was in the x-ray room in the hospital and the voices came. I have not seen the incidents at the hospital. I heard some sounds, screams and gun shots. After Ms. Emine went out, I followed her and saw that everyone was lying on the floor on their backs or faces down. No one was standing and I also lied down till the special operation police left. The civilians never had a negative attitude towards us. I really do not know why the special operation police treated us this way. These are all about what I know.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I work as a nurse in the hospital. I was on duty on the date of the incident. Special operation police came and invaded the hospital. We were approximately 10-15 people here. They came and told us that they would shoot anyone who raised his head. They fired their guns many times inside the hospital. Because we could hear the sounds and they beat some friends. From the sounds, I could understand that they were moving but it is all about the things I heard about the beating. I heard the insults aimed at the doctor and the staff. They were swearing all the time and telling them off as if they were kids. Among those who invaded the hospital, there were special operations police, normal police and soldiers. They beat a youngster around 18-19 years old who was wounded. Then they left with the camera recording device and the computer. I have not witnessed them removing the cameras and taking them with themselves but they have taken the recording device and the computer.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I work as a nurse at the hospital. When the incidents happened, we were receiving calls from 112 in the morning continuously and the doctor did not let anyone go out saying that no one could leave due to security issues. After that, we were told that all should go to the police station and treat them there. Neither the doctor nor the staff accepted this then the ambulance left. In the afternoon the special operation police came. We, all the health staff, were in the nurses’ room. They came to the room consistently and checked. They fired guns on the corridor and there were screams. When they left the hospital, one whose face was not covered came and asked for our blessing.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I work as a health staff at the hospital. We woke up at around 05:30 with the noises of conflict on the date 25-09-2015. Around 07:30, we were called by both the hospital manager and 112 continuously. There were casualties at the police station and there was a command by the district governor. Both ambulances, even all the hospital staff including the ones who were not at the hospital at that time were requested to go to the police station and treat the casualties there. We could stay in the hospital for about half an hour by resisting. Later, two health staff and the ambulance driver named Şeyhmus Dursun left. When they were about 10-15 meters away from the police spot, their vehicle was under fire and our friend, the ambulance driver died there. The rest of the health staff took shelter in somewhere by their own efforts. In the afternoon, both of the health staff returned to the hospital. Special operation police invaded the hospital when it had been an hour after our friends’ arrival. They broke all of the doors that we kept as it was bayram (eid) by kicking. They fired their guns inside the hospital and there are bullet holes below the television. Some windows were broken by the bullets fired. There are traces on the window of the patient registry room on the entrance. Special operation forces who came to the hospital swore at everyone on the corridors of the hospital no matter they were patients or staff and they used violence. They assaulted our friend, the doctor, who was working at the hospital and offended him. Taking him to the front door and guarding themselves with him, they threatened the civilians saying that “if a bullet comes here, we are going to kill you all.” They implied things addressing to hospital staff saying that “Do not get involved.” They stated that it was not them who asked for the ambulance. When they were at the hospital, there were gun shots, even inside the hospital. They put all the health staff into the nurses’ room and made everyone lie down. Frequently, one of them was aiming at us his gun after opening the door. Afterwards, they left taking the computer and the recording device with themselves.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I came here with a temporary appointment for 15 days. I was not on duty that evening. I was in the teacherage. I woke up at 05:30 with the gun shots. Around 12:00, the news saying that the conflicts were over arrived. I thought that there could be a lot at the hospital to do so I came to the hospital. People had started walking outside. I heard that our friend Seyhmus died when I arrived. Afterwards, special operation police came. I thought the public prosecutor came and examination of corpse and autopsy would be conducted. They grabbed Uğur Hoca from his neck and the special operation police with a mask on his face made his way by hitting my back with his longbarreled weapon while they were entering a room. He did this by saying “Get out of my way… (curse word).” They made us, the hospital staff, lie down by offending us and swearing at us. When they took Uğur Hoca to the registration office, they were shouting at Uğur Hoca saying “You have got only a minute, show us those carcasses now! Where did you hide them?” There were relatives of patients there. Taking them out and using Uğur Hoca as a shield, they threatened the people. Then the gun shots were heard and they echoed everywhere. I guess they fired their guns inside the hospital. Because bullets hit the place around the tv and the registration place. They were swearing at us continuously. There were two deputies outside and the people. They fired warning shots when they uses Uğur Hoca as a shield to disperse the people outside. When everything was over, not the one with a mask on but the other one who was short with his face uncovered said “I beg your pardon, give me your blessing” and he left with the recording device and the computer box.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I work as a nurse in the health institution. We woke up with the noises of conflicts at around 05:30 on 25.09.2015. We moved into a room that we could say it was safe due to the noises. Later, we were called by the state hospital. They told us that the manager of the hospital and 112 called them and told them to send the two ambulances and seen the staff at the hospital and even the ones who were not at the hospital to the police station and they wanted to hear our opinion. We told them not to go to in this conflicting atmosphere. We said something bad might happen and they could not prevent it. There was no safe atmosphere outside already. That is why we told them not to go out. While they are supposed to come here in order to provide security at the hospital under normal circumstances, they were pulling us into the conflicting situation. We saw that the ambulance left with the sirens on and we could not guess why the sirens stopped and how far they could go. Some hospital staff called us and told us that there could be many casualties at the hospital. They said the ambulance was already on the way. They were telling us to go to the hospital but going to the hospital was like committing suicide. When the sounds were over, we came o the hospital running. Right at the moment we entered from the door, they told us that there was a wounded person. We thought that it was a regular civilian but they brought us our friend, the ambulance driver, Mr. Şeyhmus but he had already passed away. Wounded people came to the hospital, the ones whose finger was torn off or the ones who came for medical dressing. We were doing things like dressing when we heard a car. We were normally thinking that the public prosecutor would come but they came in by shouting and swearing. I saw the one with a mask on while he was holding Uğur Hoca from his collar in front of the observation room. When I walked towards them they asked me who the patients were that we were taking care of using curse words and loudly and who we were helping here in a threatening manner. They were asking whom and why we were treating. We were treating the boy whose fingers were torn off at that moment. They brought Uğur Hoca holding him from the back of his neck by force. Pointing to the boy whose fingers were torn off, they asked“Who is this patient? Why are you treating him? What happened to him?” Uğur Hoca told them that he was a normal patient and no matter who the person is, we need to take care of them. Then they shouted at me telling me to get in. When I got it, my friends were lying on the floor in the nurses’ room. We started hearing the gunshots. They left with the recordings, recording device and the computer box.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I have been working at the hospital. In the afternoon, – armored cars and special operation teams enter the hospital from the emergency service. Firstly, they asked about the doctor. We told them he was in the emergency service. They took the doctor by force immediately and told us that we would go down with them. They were shouting that we were hiding carcasses here and treating their casualties. An argument broke out to take the patients, their relatives and the deputies out. While the deputies were there, they fired their guns and people fluttered out. They put their guns on our heads and took us to the morgue and told us “First you will enter. If we see anyone inside alive, wounded or dead we will kill you first.” We opened the door and entered. We opened all the cabinets in the morgue. Only Mr. Şeyhmus’s body was there. Later on, when they went up, they broke all the doors down by kicking. They changed the angles of the security cameras with the gunstocks. They took the camera recording device and the computer box.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I was on leave that day but I came so that I could help my friends. I came after the ones who brought Mr. Şeyhmus’s body. The body was taken to the morgue. About two hours later, special police came here and they started yelling at everyone as soon as they arrived. They were shouting “We will kill you all, get the hell out here, f* off.” There were deputies and they came to the door. They said “What are you doing, stop!” At that moment, they put their gun barrels on their heads and told them not to talk. I ran away down the stairs when I saw oneof them was getting ready to fire his gun along with the yelling. Then they started raking around. They put a gun on our heads and took us to the morgue. They put their guns on our heads and took us to the morgue and told us “First you will enter. If we see anyone inside alive, wounded or dead we will kill you first.” We opened the door and entered. We opened all the cabinets in the morgue. Only Mr. Şeyhmus’s body was there. Later on, when they went up, they broke all the doors down by kicking. They changed the angles of the security cameras with the gunstocks. They took the camera recording device and the computer box.

An Anonymous Hospital Staff (Witness- sufferer insulted inside the hospital)

I am a nurse working at Beytüşşebap State Hospital. I do not want to reveal my name. On 05-09-2015 at 07:30, we were phoned by the manager of the hospital and 112 and told to go to the place where the conflicts were happening and take care of the casualties. No matter how much we resisted, I do not know what happened, our friends left with the ambulance when the noises were gone. Soon, they were raked and our friend, the driver of the ambulance, was killed there. They brought Mr. Şeyhmus 4 hours later. The other friends arrived approximately one hour later. In the afternoon, the special operation police came with loud noises and they used their guns inside the hospital. We were so afraid. I lied down on the floor in the nurses’ room. I closed my ears with my hands till the time they left. Our friends came and told us that they left and I could stand up only then.

A Doctor Working at Beytüşşebap State Hospital Dr. Uğur KARA

I am working here as a doctor. They came in and evacuated the corridor (I think the others told you that with details). They kept me separately since I had a white grown on me. They only asked about the bodies and the casualties of PKK. I told them that there were two wounded cases and one body brought to the hospital. The whole hospital was evacuated. They broke the doors kicking and checked inside. We told them that we were health staff and we were not involved in things. They pointed their gun at me, made me kneel down and shot in the air above my head using me as a shield. They were wearing uniforms and I do not know whether they were soldiers or special police.



Interview Conducted on the Date of the Incident with the Residents of the District who suffered

An Owner of a House hit my many Bullets(Sufferer)

I will not cast the blame on anyone. My house was raked. Come and check, when you look from the place where the bullet traces are, you can see the police spot. The window is broken and there holes there. My younger son was sleeping in this room. The bullets started coming with the gun shots. The child ran to the hall immediately and I took all my family to the stairwell. We were stuck there for hours and face the danger of death. All of the children feel scared even when they hear a mild noise because of the fear they experienced. There are 21 people inside the building and all of these 21 people were trapped in a small area of 10m2. I was on my knees and my hands when I came to close the door so that we would not get poisoned by the gun powder and the smellof the liquid coming of the torn off walls. I came back after closing the door. The more the children made noises, the more gun shots would be. Each time they made noise, more bullets were fired.

Owner of a Burnt House (Sufferer)

On 25-09-2015, we woke up with gun shots at around 05:30 I was on the thirdfloor. Our house was made of briquette. If it had been made of stone, the bullets could not have got in when the walls were hit by them. I mean, a bullet that hit a room earlier still affects when it gets into another room. Opposite the direction where the bullets came from, there is a coal burning stove with oven. I was hiding behind that. The house next to house was shot till a fire came out there. I could not go down the stairs as the stairs were facing the police station. I would be shot if I used them. From the back, I landed down the women and the kids first by hanging down a cordon and then I landed down myself. Fire sprang to our house from the house next to ours. My siblings told me about it with screams. I climbed up with the cordon that I hung down before to get down as soon as I heard about the fire upstairs. With the same cordon, tried to put the fire out by taking water up from downstairs. Later, the PVC windows started burning. There was a cam cylinder among the stuff we put together in a room. I was pouring most of the water down that camp cylinder so that it would not explode. One floor of our house was completely burnt down with all the stuff inside. It continued burning the 11:00. When the top floor of the building next to ours was completely burnt to ashes, the fires stopped.

Owner of a Burnt House (Sufferer)

It was 05:00 on 25-09-2015 and we thought it was the day of doom. We sheltered ourselves behind the column. We stayed that for about an hour and they were continuously shooting. It was until the fire broke out in our house. Everything that we had was in our house. Our nexdoor neighborthrew a cordon to us and I lowered first the women and the children from the third floor and then I landed down myself. My hands burnt because of friction while I was hanging down. In the fire, our money, 20.000 Turkish Liras, were burnt. Our jewelries were burnt. Everything that belonged to us was burnt from ids to our wallets. There is nothing left, no house, no money, nothing. Our house was nonstop shot from the police station across our house. It was until the time the fire broke out. I landed the six children by hanging them down. The whole family suffered, everything that belonged to us is burnt.


Tahir ATAMAN-60 (Owner of a Burnt House- Sufferer)

My foot has been hurt for about 3-4 months since it got stuck under a stone while I was working. I mean there are fractures in my foot and I can hardly walk. I heard the gun shots around 05.40 and the conflict broke out. As the ceiling in my house is wooden, I sent my children who were in the house to my neighbor’s house and I stayed alone in the house as I could not walk. The first time the conflict came out, I tried to move to the kitchen, which is the back of the house, taking my walking sticks with me. I sat down in front of the window in the kitchen and I was looking out. A fire broke out next to my house. I looked at the side towards the balcony. The hospital had given me an orthopedic bed. The room where that bed was hit by a mortar shell. My house was continuously hit by tracer bullets. I saw that the bullets were coming from the direction where the police station and the commandership of district gendarmerie were. Afterwards, there was a fire in my house and in the surrounding. I managed to get out narrowly. I thought I should do my best to put the fire out myself instead of my children coming to put it out. I thought no harm should come to them. Thinking in this way that the worst should happen to me but not to them, I tried to carry some water in that state. I tried to put the bed out that caught fire. Then I tried to crawl to the back of the house. After waiting for half an hour, I saw that smoke was coming out from the back of the house. Then I went out and checked the house. Despite being deadly dangerous, I look at the roof from outside. At this time, the gun shots never ceased and bullets were hitting my house heavily. The roof was on fire since it was made of wood. The fire broke out in the house, the roof of the house feel down and the whole house was burnt. I tried really hard to get away from the house. Even a piece of wood on fire from the roof hit my head and a small part was burnt on my head. Then I sheltered myself in the neighbor’s house by crawling there.

Findings of the Commission

  • It has been found that there was a crowd in from of the state hospital in the entrance of the district, formed by the people who had their casualties and victims there.
  • On the ceiling of the corridor in Beytüşşebap State Hospital and on the windows at the end of the corridor, there were bullet traces from inside to outside. They have been observed and photographed.
  • It has been observed that the doors inside the hospital were broke down by kicking and they have been made completely useless, which has been photographed.
  • It has been observed that the angles of the security cameras had been misadjusted.
  • It has been observed that the security camera device and the computer box it was connected to had been seizured and taken away.
  • It has been found that the hospital staff had been treated badly and and they suffered from insults and curse words.
  • It has been observed that the forces tried to hide the violation of rights and the crimes committed and also wanted the proofs remain in shadow.
  • It has been found that the ambulance has been removed by the forces before the crime scene investigation was conducted.
  • From the fact that the ambulance was at a spot 10–15 meters away from the police spot, it has been observed that only the police spot could be seen when viewed from the places hit by the bullets.
  • It has been found that all of the vehicles that were on the main streets and on the streets were raked and rendered unoperational.
  • It has been observed that the town hall was raked and all its windows were broken and the office equipments were rendered unoperational.
  • It has been found that even interventions in the fires that broke out were also prevented by the gun shots of the forces in the city center and there were harassing fires and barrages by the forces used against the people who were trying to extinguish the fire.
  • It has been observed that the electricity transformers were blown up and the wires were torn off.
  • It has been observed that the police station and all of the houses across the police spot had been raked and damaged severely.
  • It has been found that the houses on the streets that were not possible to enter were also damaged by howitzers.
  • It has been found that on most of the high building, snipers were located.
  • On the moment when we were passing by to investigate in the streets, it has been observed that many of the special operation police teams were white-haired and above the age 50.
  • A howitzer was observed unexploded in the roof of a house while wandering in the neighborhoods.
  • It has been observed that heavy construction equipments belonging to the municipality were rake and rendered unoperational.
  • It has been found that public life was unoperational to a large extent.
  • It has been observed that the district governorship building was closed.
  • It has been observed that the town hall was unusable and the staff were tidying inside.


  1. Our commission condemns the attacks that cause severe violations, the first of which is the violation of the right to live, and target at the civilians regardless of the causes of the incidents and how they happened.
  2. Our commission suggests that administrative and legal investigations regarding the practices of the security forces that threatened the security of life and property of the civilians should start immediately and the staff and the chiefs concerned should be laid at the end of these investigations.
  3. In the findings of the commission, it has been indisputably observed that health institutions, staff, vehicles and equipments that are not even supposed to be affected during the time of a way has been affected and disincentives shall be taken while also effectively investigating about the responsibles.
  4. Our commission demands that effective investigations take place about the people responsible for the death of the health staff and the civilians and legal and administrative proceedings be conducted about those.
  5. Our commission observed that spoliation of evidence has been conducted to vanish the crimes committed by the police forces and this has been reported by our commission and the facts should be revealed with the required investigations.
  6. In the observations and investigations of our committee, it has been observed that great damage occurred to the houses of the people. In consequence of the operation, law 35 of the Constitution has been violated by severely damaging the properties of the people. The damage done to the rights of property of the people shall be compensated within this scope. The Governorate of Şırnak form a damage and loss determination commission and compensate for the pecuniary and non-pecuniary victimizations of the civilians.
  7. Our commission regards the cuts in electricity, water and mobile network as a limitation brought to the communication rights of the people and a violation. The commission demands that which institution and for what reasons these cuts had been conducted and how this concerned institution used its power of appointment shall be expressed to the public opinion
  8. Our Commission has confirmed that the garbages in the neighborhoods where we carried out investigation could also cause probable health problems. Our Commission advises to listen witness statements stating that the garbages could not been collected for security and operation reasons.
  9. Our Commission draws the attention of rise in violations against right to life which have happened generally together with clashes. For this reason, we appeal to the election government to give up its security policies and call the parties to come back to dialog and negotiations as immediate as possible.


Şirnak Branch Of Human Rights Association   Şirnak Trade Union Of Health Employees



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