11 October 2016


Being the Diyarbakır Dicle District President of AKP, Deryan Aktert lost his life as a result of an armed attack occurred in his workplace on 10 October 2016.  Aydın Muştu, Özalp District Administrator of AKP, lost his life as a result of an armed attack occurred in his house on 9 October 2016. Additionally, Ahmet Budak who was a candidate from AKP for the Parliament, lost his life as a result of an armed attack occurred in front of his house on 14 September 2016. First of all, we express our condolences for the families of those who lost their lives and wish the recovery of injured ones.

Performed directly on civilians and politicians recently, these armed attacks give rise to such violations of rights as particularly right to live, right to association, right to do democratic politics etc. This kind of attacks to civilians and politicians are inadmissible and we condemn them. With regard to these, we demand an immediate and effective investigation and trial of perpetrators.

Furthermore, we fear that murders by unknown assailants and assassinations will occur, in other words, the society will go into a gradually increasing spiral of violence as in 1990s. Therefore, we call for the end of armed conflicts and provision of mutual ceasefire.

Hundreds of civilians lost their lives and got injured in the conflicts which started again in July 2015. Unfortunately, the number of deceased policemen, soldiers and armed militants is indicated in thousands. As right organizations, we call for the immediate end of this nonsense war and indicate urgently that we should go back to the dialog and negotiation environment one more time.

Additionally, once again we express that the government should quit implementing security policies over village guards and Kurdish tribes, and PKK should put an end to the attacks on these people.

HUMAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION                                             HUMAN RIGHTS FOUNDATION OF TURKEY