Relatives of those claimed to have been disappeared in Ankara by means of abduction shared the situation with the public on social media. It is also claimed that Önder Asan reappeared on 12 May 2017. Additionally, families of Turgut Çapan and Fatih Kılıç made written application to Human Rights Association (İHD).

The responsibility of clarifying the situation through investigation and protecting the right to live of those disappeared by means of abduction belongs to the Government. The authorised judicial police and prosecution bodies are in the position of responding to the applications made by the families of these persons, by carrying out effective investigation.

İHD considerably takes this issue serious. İHD notifies the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in order to reveal whether these persons are alive by means investigation and bring those committed the crime of enforced disappearance into court. Besides, İHD waits for the response of the application made to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with regard to Turgut Çapan.

The public opinion must be sensitive on such forced disapperances and should help human rights organisations. Also, it is important that families of these persons make application to İHD in person.

  1. Sunay Elmas: It is claimed that, Sunay Elmas, living in Ankara, was abducted in front of the CEPA Shopping Center at 11.00 with a black van (transporter) after droving his children to Sincan on 27 January 2016. The family states that all footage are available in the city surveillance cameras. Nothing ensued from the application made to Ankara Security Directorate by his wife.
  2. Ayhan Oran: Former National Intelligence Organisation (MİT) employee. While he was on duty in Greece, he was summoned to Turkey and suspended on 17 July 2016; then, it occurred on 2 August 2016 that he was dismissed. In accordance with the information given by the family, it is seen in the camera footage of their housing estate that he was seen leaving the housing estate in which they are registered on 1 November 2016 at 12:38. No news was received from him again.
  3. Mustafa Özgür Gültekin: Employee of the Competition Authority It is claimed that he was abducted in Beştepe, Ankara on 21 December 2016 around 18:15. His family collected all camera footage in the vicinity. It is seen in the footages that 4 vehicles were following Gultekin. He was getting out of his car to go to a market. After doing shopping, he was surrounded and taken to a black van (Transporter).
  4. Hüseyin Kötüce: Employee of Information and Communication Technologies Authority. It is claimed that he was abducted from the parking place of Batıkent subway station in February 2017 around 19:00, subsequent to finishing up work. No fingerprint investigation was carried out by the police in despite of the family’s insistence and no camera footage was collected.
  5. Turgut Çapan: He was an employee at the Turgut Özal University which was shut down afterwards. It was claimed that he was abducted on 31 March 2017 in the district of Şentepe in Yenimahalle.
  6. Mesut Geçer: A former National Intelligence Organization (MIT) personnel. It was alleged that he was abducted after his car was stopped on 31 March 2017 in the district of Çakırlar in Yenimahalle following his dismissal from the MIT.
  7. Önder Asan: He was a teacher in a private school which was shut down due to FETO/PDY investigation. It was claimed that he was abducted on 1 April 2017 in the district of Şentepe in Yenimahalle. His relatives collected some of the footages by their own means. Asan’s car of which tire was cut was found in a spot close to where he was abducted. It is claimed that Önder Asan reappeared on 12 May 2017 after 42 days of abduction.
  8. Cengiz Usta: The teacher Cengiz Usta disappeared on 4 April 2017. His family gathered information by their own means as they couldn’t get help from the police department and they determined that Usta was abducted in a similar way.
  9. Mustafa Özben: He was a former attorney in Ankara Bar Association. Mustafa Özben left his house around noon in order to drop off his daughter to the school on 9 May 2017. He didn’t return his house on that day. It was found out that he had worked as an academic for a while at the Turgut Özal University which was shut down by the decree law.
  10. Fatih Kılıç: His family hasn’t heard from Fatih Kılıç, a teacher who was dismissed from his profession with a decree law, since 14 May 2017. Fatih Kılıç disappeared after he sent off his family at the Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) around 23.00 on 14 May 2017. The police didn’t submit footages in the AŞTİ in spite of his family’s insistence.
  11. Durmuş Ali Çetin: Durmuş Ali Çetin, a police officer who was dismissed from his profession with a decree law, was abducted on 17 May 2017. Durmuş Ali Çetin, father of three children, was suspended 7 months ago and then was dismissed from his profession. In the morning, he left his house located in Arıtaş Neighborhood in the district of Afşin in Kahramanmaraş. His family complains about the police not offering help.