Based on the Parliament’s authorisation for use of military force in Syria and Iraq, Turkey’s frequent air operations and troop deployments especially in Syria and Iraq have become pretty dangerous and come to a state of confrontation with the reality of war. In addition to the fact that this authorisation for use of military force do not comply with the Article 91 of the Constitution, conducting actual aggression and deploying troops in other countries without UNSC decision may give rise to serious legal results.

It needs to be indicated that based on these authorisations for use of military force it is not possible for Turkey to carry out military operation into Rojava Cantons in Syria. In accordance with the Constitution of Turkey, such a military operation cannot and should not be conducted without a war decision by the Parliament. Turkey should be aware of the fact that she can’t be in Syrian lands without being based upon multilateral or bilateral conventions. The political authority should not drag Turkey into a bigger war on the basis of fait accompli.

Turkey is now in a position in which she conducts actual war without taking the decision of declaration of war in the Parliament and wants to enlarge the state of war. Therefore, they constantly fabricate new enemies.

Why do Turkey now regard as enemy the Canton governments in Syrian Rojava which were not regarded as enemy until July 2015? The Government needs to publicly explain this situation. The fact that the problem in Syria is linked with the Kurdish Question in Turkey confronts us here.

Instead of resorting to dialogue and negotiation, Turkey’s preference in order to solving its Kurdish Question by means of violence through deepening the war has led to emergence of a serious war. Instead of establishing good relations with the de facto administration formed in the so-called Rojava region in Syria by various ethnic and religious groups, especially Kurdish people, Turkey regarded them as an element of threat, contrary to the historical and sociological reality. Establishment of self-government against the attacks of the Daesh and all jihadist gangs by the communities being relatives and cognates of the Kurdish and Alewite people living in Turkey should not be regarded as any threat to Turkey.

In a nutshell, the political authority ruling our country needs to develop peaceful policies in both domestic and international affairs and take steps to immediately end the conflicts and war. It is very dangerous that the deaths and damages emerged as a result of the ongoing war amplify the deep polarisation in society.

The statements regarding the military intervention into the Afrin and Manbij regions in Syrian Rojava and their reflections on the Turkish press indicate a quite dire situation. We condemn the warmongerings performed mainly by the pro-government and mainstream media and call on the media to commonsense. Additionally, we invite the media to pay attention to those seeking peace.

Against this belligerent politics, we purposely say peace!

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