The Forest Fires in Dersim Should Be Extinguished


The media and local sources have been sharing concerns about the fact that the necessary steps have not been taken to extinguish the forest fires that have been continuing for a week in Dersim. Local sources have stated that citizens who wanted to help extinguish the forest fires were not allowed to do so.


Forests are an integral and vital part of nature that is a common asset for all humanity. All kinds of attitudes towards nature are related to environmental rights. Therefore, extinguishing forest fires as soon as possible is a necessity to prevent the destruction of nature as well as abiding by environmental rights.


Concerned state bodies should immediately take action to extinguish the forest fires in Dersim, citizens should be allowed to contribute to and participate in efforts to extinguish the fires and to protect nature.


IHD calls on all concerned state bodies to take the necessary measures to extinguish the fires in Dersim and the surrounding cities and provinces while providing opportunities for citizens enabling them to support efforts to extinguish fires.


Human Rights Association

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