İHD January-February 2022 Digest




06.01.2022: EuroMed Rights, Human Rights Association and Civic Studies Association issued a joint statement calling for the immediate release of jailed Boğaziçi University students.


06.01.2022: İHD, HRFT and OBS released a joint statement inviting the Turkish authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Ersin Berke Gök and Caner Perit Özen, two jailed Boğaziçi University students, and to drop all charges against the peaceful Boğaziçi protesters.


12.01.2022: İHD translated and published an article by Selahattin Esmer entitled “Categorization of Conflicts and the Minimum Threshold of Armed Violence in International Humanitarian Law.”


20.01.2022: İHD released a statement condemning the criminal proceedings brought against its chairperson, Öztürk Türkdoğan, due to his activities in his capacity as chairperson.


31.01.2022: The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders issued an urgent call for Öztürk Türkdoğan, İHD’s chairperson, inviting the authorities to put an end to judicial harassment against Mr. Türkdoğan and all human rights defenders in Turkey.


03.02.2022: İHD and HRFT released a joint statement condemning the authorities’ attempts to criminalize human rights work.


28.02.2022: İHD and HRFT released a joint statement calling an end to war in Ukraine.

İHD-HRFT Joint Statement: Time to Act to Protect Human Rights and Peace!