August 08, 2014

We damn and condemn obscurantist gangs known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), who have medieval mentality and commit crime against humanity, commit genocide against oppressed communities in Syria and Iraq by mobilizing militant jihadists from all over the world and pursue same objectives with Al Qaida, Al Nusra kind jihadists organizations.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria continue to attack to communities especially who constitute its self-government in Rojava besides several ethnic and religious groups, now determine the Yezidi Kurds as its new target and attack to South Kurdistan in Iraq during last week. Attacks of ISIS against Sengal (Sincar) where the Yezidi Kurds live in, should be seen as genocide and world should be stand up against this genocide. According to the information obtained so far 3000 civil were killed, 5000 civil were kidnapped by ISIS militants and hundreds of thousands people had to escape to live. Murder of 1700 police officers by ISIS after the occupation of Mosul just because those officers were Shiite is in itself genocide.

In 90s, nearly 15000 people took sanctuary in Iraq because of the persecutions in Turkey Kurdistan and had to live in United Nation’s Makhmur refugee camp. The camp was evacuated because of ISIS’ attack to Makhmur yesterday and consequently camp residents again became refugee in Iraq.

The world continue to watch the ISIS attacks targeting the faith communities who are not Sunni Muslim and especially targeting Kurds.this situation clearly shows that there are imperialist powers and some countries driven for those imperialist powers stand behind jihadist structure known as ISIS. It is very clear that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar which took position manifestly in the civil war in Syria continuing for 4 years and support the jihadist groups who are de facto fighting, turn a blind eye against the genocide and crimes against humanity committed by jihadist groups like Al Qaida and Al Nusra. We urge these governments and demand that put an end to support these jihadist groups.

The Middle East is wanted to be restructured and re-mapped via these jihadist organizations. For this reason, these organizations are tolerated in spite of their attacks against humanity. We invited to United Nations and international society to protect human rights values. United Nations Security Council must take the necessary precautions to stop the wild attacks against oppressed communities and must appoint the International Criminal Court Attorney General for genocide and crimes against humanity in Iraq and Syria.

As it was stated in Human Rights Associaon’s reports, researches conducted along the border of Turkey and Syria and analysis, jihadist groups utilize the Turkey as logistics base and it must be stopped as soon as possible.

Therefore we demand that;

– Syrian migrant camps in Turkey should be make available for auditing of civil society organizations and opposition parties.

– The people who have organizational relations with jihadist groups should be investigated and criminally prosecuted according to Turkish Criminal Law article 13.

– border crossing doors and zones along Turkey- Rojava border should be opened and commissions from Turkey should be allowed to enter Rojava.

 –  Sengallians who try to enter into Turkey and could not enter into Turkey from Habr point because of not having passports, should be allowed to enter into Turkey as soon as possible.

-The necessary easiness and humanitarian facilities should be provided for Yezidi Kurds, Turcomans who are at the border of Turkey and for all communities who try to escape from the ISIS violence.

– The Turkish government should end to its negative attitudes towards Kurds, Shiites, Alawis.

We want to state that we condemn the Turkish government’s attitudes who condone to kidnapping of Counselor personnel in Mosul and  did not take action against ISIS. Kidnapping of Counselor personnel, massacre directed to civils, raping of women and women/human trade were defined as terror crime. In spite of this clear definitons Turkish government still do not use terrorist discourse against ISIS and these attitudes create an impression that there is complicated relations with government and ISIS. For this reason we urge that in the International Criminal Court not only the jihadist organizations/groups but also the responsible governments/authorities would be judged. It should be known worldwide that as human rights defenders all our efforts will be directed to this point.

We will continue to support oppressed communities and Kurds who resist  to ISIS  violence and herewith we want to call Kurdish community and friends. For the first time in history, the Kurds have a probability to determine its own future and status thus we hope that they would handle the total attacks against themselves by organizing United resistance line. We would like to known that we support their historical resistance of Yezidis against attacks and they are and will not alone.

Human Rights Association

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