New İHD Report: LGBTI+ Rights and Violations


New İHD Report on LGBTI+ Rights and Rights Violations

17 February 2024


The “LGBTI+ Rights and Rights Violations Report” prepared by the Human Rights Association was shared with the public with the statement of LGBTI+ commissions from different branches of İHD.

This report aims to reveal the impact of the Human Rights Action Plan (HRAAP), which was intended to be implemented between 2021-2023, on LGBTI+ rights and the violations of rights faced by LGBTI+ persons.

In March 2021, when the Human Rights Action Plan was announced, Turkey withdrew from the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (İstanbul Convention), of which Turkey was the first signatory, with the Presidential Decree No. 3718 dated 19 March 2021. During the process of withdrawal from the İstanbul Convention, the political power and its partners in power frequently made statements that the İstanbul Convention abolished the family and provided legal protection for same-sex marriages and sexual orientations. The exclusion and state oppression to which LGBTI+ persons have always been subjected have increased unprecedentedly, especially during the withdrawal process from the Convention, and LGBTI+ persons have been turned into an object of collective hatred more than ever before with the participation and encouragement of the highest authorities of the state.

News articles containing discrimination and hatred against LGBTI+ persons, discourses of politicians and violations of rights faced by LGBTI+ persons have been compiled and analyzed through extensive media review. In addition to the media review, the findings and statements obtained from the applications filed before İHD and the cases followed by the association’s lawyers constitute the basis of the report. In this context, prohibition of hate speech and discrimination, right to life, prohibition of torture and other acts of ill-treatment, right to liberty and security, right to respect for private and family life, freedom of expression, right to assembly; fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the Constitution, European Convention on Human Rights, CEDAW and other international conventions have been evaluated within the framework of the Human Rights Action Plan.

Click to read the full report: IHD_LGBTI Rights Violations Report

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