The Decision of Saddam Hussein’s Death Penalty

Specific human rights documents state that everyone has rights of life, freedom and individual security. “Right of Life” is the most fundamental right of individual. Using other rights is related with the existence of right of life. Therefore; one of the basic functions of human rights defenders is to be against death penalty and struggle for abolishing the penalty. Since 1986, its foundation, Human Rights Association (IHD) also explains that IHD is against death penalty under any circumstances and has carried out many activities within this perspective. In this sense, IHD carried out two campaigns “abolishing death penalty” in 1987 and 1999.

Human Rights Association is unconditionally against death penalty without considering ethnic origin, political thought, gender, kinds of crimes, being in war or peace. IHD supports and works for abolishing death penalty in Turkey and all over the world.

According to the knowledge from media; Saddam Hussein, ex-president of Iraqi State, was sentenced to death penalty. The whole world knows that Saddam Hussein is the responsible for many crimes against humanity particularly Halabja genocide. Undoubtedly; Saddam Hussein deserves the most severe sentence, which can be imagined, because of his crimes. However; as it is explained human rights are universal rule for “EVERYONE” without exception.

Within the framework of Universal Human Rights Principles and fundamental principles that IHD supports since its foundations; we call for Iraqi authorities not to practice Saddam Hussein’s death penalty.


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