Violations during Propaganda Period and Voting Security

Human Rights Association, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey and Independent Election Monitoring Platform announced their report on violations during propaganda period before the elections to be held on 24 June 2018.

Following the joint decision of MHP and AKP on 18 April 2018 for early elections, State President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared the elections to be held on 24 June 2018. On 26 April 2018, Supreme Electoral Council announced the official calendar of the elections. The following figures do cover the incidents from 26 April 2018 to 20 June 2018. These violations and pressures cover both the decisions, bans, preventions and interventions, attacks of administration and security forces and attacks and interventions by civilian groups.

Although the coming elections will be held under the state of emergency rule and so-called extreme security conditions, the following figures confirms that no necessary measures were taken for the security of political parties and their members during the propaganda period. Malpractice and misconduct of public servants were ordinary during the period of time. They did not do their duty.

All these violations and preventions raise the concerns about the security of voting. Therefore, we insistently call the officials to do their duty to secure the elections for the right to vote and stand for election. We hereby announce that the İHD and Independent Election Monitoring Platform will be working on the field to monitor the elections relying on the international monitoring standards.

We do call all eligible people to vote and to take part in securing their votes for fair and democratic elections. There are several platforms and initiatives working for voting security and we do appreciate their efforts. In order to contribute to the security of voting İHD branches will be open on the day of elections.

Polling clerks and observers should be present at the polling stations not later than 6.00 am. The electorates are also eligible to be present during the counting of the votes.

Human Rights Association – Human Rights Foundation of Turkey

Independent Election Monitoring Platform



Violations against and Pressures on

Political Parties and Their Members

Between 26 April 2018 and 20 June 2018

Attacks and threats against election offices, propaganda vehicles, candidates, meetings by the police and civilian groups
HDP 93 attacks [includes 28 attacks by security forces]
İyi Parti / Good Party 15 attacks [includes 7 attacks by security forces]
CHP 12 attacks [includes 3 attacks by security forces]
Saadet Partisi 10 attacks [includes 4 attacks by security forces]
MHP No attacks recorded
AKP 2 attacks


Beatings and injuries during these attacks
Urfa/Suruç 4 deaths [1 AKP, 3 HDP]
HDP 49 beatings and injuries
İyi Parti 24 beatings and injuries
Saadet Partisi 5 beatings and injuries
CHP 8 beatings and injuries
AKP 3 beatings and injuries
Bağımsız Independent MP candidate in İzmir province Deniz Arık Binbay attacked and beaten.
Toplam 4 deaths, 90 beatings and injuries


Torture and Ill-treatment during the propaganda period
HDP 26
Saadet Partisi / Bliss Party 2


Detentions and Arrests
Detention Arrest
HDP 361 13
MHP 6 2
Mahmut Konuk 11 times
Toplam 387 15


Bans on meetings and demonstrations
HDP 17
İyi Parti / Good Party 2
General Bans 5