We Condemn the Attack and Commiserate with Those who Lost Their Relatives…

We condemn the attack, which was conducted in front of the US Consulate General in Istanbul on 9 July 2008 and resulted in 6 deaths 3 of whom were policemen. We commiserate with those who lost their relatives in the attack, express condolence to them. As Human Rights defenders we are always against any kind of violation and actions that cause violation of right to life. Timing of action, which was conducted in period of important political and social tensions, is interesting, too.


Our concern is that such attacks might be reason for limiting personal rights and freedoms. Because states have been carrying out serious violations especially right to life and torture after such attacks in all over the world since the 11/9 attacks. States carry out such violations for the reason of “fight against terrorism” and societies are compelled to confirm legitimizing policies of these violations experiencing dilemma of “security or freedom?”.

It is seen that States’ interventions to basic rights and freedoms do not prevent such attacks but cause a serious corrosion in human rights sensitivity.

We know that such attacks can be prevented in atmosphere under which there is a fight against impoverishment and poverty, overcoming all kinds of injustices and improving, reinforcing human rights and democracy.    

Human Rights Association (IHD)

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT)

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